Speakers & Chairs

Prof. Raban Jeger
Head of Structural Cardiology, University Hospital Basel

Prof. Michael Kühne
Head of Atrial Fibrillation Clinic, University Hospital Basel

Heart Failure
PD Dr. Micha Maeder
Deputy Head of Cardiology, Cantonal Hospital St. Gallen

Heart Failure - Discussion
Prof. Christian Müller
Head of Cardiovascular Research Institute Basel, University Hospital Basel

Prof. Giovanni Pedrazzini
Co-Head of Cardiology, Cardiocentro Lugano

Acute & Chronic Coronary Syndromes - Discussion
Prof. Marco Roffi
Head of Interventional Cardiology, Geneva University Hospitals

Electrophysiology - Discussion
Prof. Christian Sticherling
Deputy Head of Cardiology, University Hospital Basel

Acute & Chronic Coronary Syndromes
Prof. Marco Valgimigli
Deputy Head of Cardiology, Cardiocentro Lugano

Valvular Heart Disease - Discussion
Prof. Stephan Windecker
Head of Cardiology, University Hospital of Bern

Hypertension, Diabetes, Lipids & CKD
PD Dr. Qian Zhou
Deputy Head Heart Failure Service, University Hospital Basel